LENSESTM is a system for positive, place-sourced community transformation. LENSESTM provides a fresh way of seeing and working for community leaders, educators, and place-based project teams.

LENSESTM System Overview

Whether you work with professional teams, students, or community groups, LENSESTM provides a structured process for seeing and realizing the full potential of a project or program. It is not a checklist or a rating system, but rather a facilitated step-by-step process for regenerative development. Simply put, regeneration is about increasing vitality, viability, and capacity to evolve. If you are curious, more about regeneration can be found in the free downloads below or here.

There are four primary activities or lenses within the process:

  • Work on how your group thinks, not just what they think about.
  • Understand context and identify key patterns and relationships.
  • Define guiding principles for actions and decisions, together.
  • Identify highest potential.

At its core, LENSESTM is a process for discovery, strategy and implementation that is strengthened by a visual framework.

Interested in an introductory path?

Are you a community leader or educator who is interested in a living systems approach to your work in the community or the classroom?  Whether you are just getting started, or have been working this way for years, we have resources to help you on your journey.  

We appreciate the important work you are doing every day.  We know that many of you are dedicating your lives and careers to healing and regenerating communities – sometimes with little or no funding.  We’re here to nourish and elevate your work.  

You can get started by visiting our free-sources page, reading our stories, and signing up for our newsletter

Three-hour introductory courses are available for $90 USD per person, with a five-person minimum.  Group pricing is available for groups of over 10 people.

Interested in a guided journey?

We empower teams through applied project-based learning using the LENSESTM Framework.

We help teams develop community vitality through applied education on real-world projects and initiatives. Through our programs you and your team will embark on a powerful journey of personal development, team capacity building, and community engaged regeneration.

Outcomes from LENSESTM Education Courses:

Personal Capability

See your work and your role with new eyes. Develop your ability to create positive change in service to life and wellbeing.

Team Capacity Building

Evolve the way your team approaches your project so that it becomes a catalyst for ongoing community benefit creation.

Community Engaged Regeneration

Bring community together through powerful, structured discovery and education sessions to see and realize potential, together.

How do I start my journey?

If you believe that you and your team might be ready to host a LENSESTM Education Course in your community please complete this form.

Introductory Course

Three-hour introductory courses are available for $90 USD per person, with a five-person minimum.  Group pricing is available for groups over ten.  

Fundamentals Course

Applied, project or community—based courses are developed in conjunction with you and your team.  We customize the course delivery to best meet your needs, timeline, and circumstances. A typical program includes 10-20 participants, runs for seven sessions that are 2.5 hours each, and is delivered over the course of three to six months.

What if I don’t have a project or a team?

We believe that building team and community capability is essential for success. We occasionally offer individuals the opportunity to join an Introductory course or a Fundamentals course on their own, especially when they are working toward hosting a course in their community or on their project.

Click the button below and we’ll let you know when a course becomes available.

Page last updated on: May 20, 2021