Everyone benefits when we have accesses to the resources we need to advance our work and elevate our contribution. Here are a few big ideas to help you on your journey.

Five principles to guide our work

Because living systems and not machines, it is important that we inform our work in communities and on projects from principles that are based on how life actually works.  

Working with whole systems

The world works as systems of nested wholes, not a kit of parts. Through seeing and working with whole systems, we come to understand the interconnections and relationships that are essential to increasing health and vitality in ourselves and our communities.

Being in reciprocal relationships

Our wellbeing is deeply intertwined with the wellbeing of the communities where we live and work.  By becoming increasingly important and significant to the larger system, we engage in a path of mutual growth and benefit creation. 

Focusing on Potential

Life itself is an expression of potential. Sourcing our work from potential reveals powerful opportunities that are lost when we work from a typical problem-solution orientation.

Working from Uniqueness

Each person, organization, and community has its own unique way of working and creating value.  By working to understand and connect to that uniqueness, we become increasingly able to activate authentic, inspired, and beneficial effects across whole systems.

Nourishing Life

Every living system – including human beings – has the ability to heal and recreate wellbeing for themselves and in their communities.  There is increasing need for humans to define their role on this planet as nourishers of life – deepening our ability to generate increasing levels of systemic health, vitality, and creative expression. 

Living Environments

Living Environments are places that are thriving, healthy and resilient because they are nourished and evolving in ways that elevate wellbeing and creative expression.

We believe in the power of place-based projects to serve as catalysts for transforming overall community health and to support the ongoing work of healing and evolving our communities in service to life.


The ability of all living systems, including human beings, to heal, evolve, and increase wellbeing within themselves and their communities.


LENSES focuses on important questions that elevate the quality of our actions, how we engage, and the purpose we serve.


What is asking to be nourished, elevated & healed?


What brings this place to life?


What brings integrity to our shared work and outcomes?

Whole Framework

How do we navigate and remain true to our purpose across time?

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Field Guide

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Seacombe Case Study

Seacombe Case Study

Regenerative Development through LENSES: A case study of Seacombe West.