The Friends of Nepal Association (FONA) was formed as a non-profit in 2015 as a response to several earthquakes that caused devastation throughout Nepal. Since its creation, FONA has grown quickly and become internationally recognized for their work in creating sustainable and regenerative development in Nepal.

A workshop utilizing the LENSES Framework was held in Nepal in June of 2016 to assist in the development of a new education center in the Purano Jhangajholi Village after the previous school was severely damaged. The regenerative approach helped participants understand how the community was already thriving, which was a key element in establishing forward-thinking solutions for the future impacts of natural disasters.

Utilizing the Flows Lens allowed for a transformational conversation to happen, bringing to the foreground the realization that water is a key aspect in the community. Having an ecologist in the room during the workshop helped to broaden the infrastructure conversation and contributed to the beautiful synergies the team discovered between the community, the unique landscape and the water systems.

The community has remained involved in building a thriving future for the village and beyond through the creation of an inspiring Education Centre that cultivates beneficial relationships between diverse communities and their environment. The Centre now serves as an exemplar model for other areas in Nepal and the world.

Visit the FONA website for a more in depth look at the project.

Images courtesy of FONA